YÜJ (you-jay) enlightened granola inspired at the intersection of modern medicine and the ancient arts

YÜJ (you-jay) Granola is all about unity. Unity in food, family, and community. As an on-the-mom,  Massiel was always on the hunt, searching for snacks that met her high nutritional standards, and could be enjoyed by the whole family. And then the unexpected happened! She was introduced to an amazing granola that met her strict nutritional standards. Massiel, a yogi with culinary education, and her brother Fernando, an IT wiz and entrepreneur ( who makes an excellent taste-tester but whose culinary experience expands no farther than watching Food Network), began tweaking the original recipe and perfected their own granola, making it part of the family.  The word was out, and they began producing their tasty granola in bulk. YÜJ Enlightened Granola was born.
We call our granola “Enlightened”, because it is much more than a granola. Our enlightened granola boasts seven different kinds of nuts and seeds, packing an antioxidant punch unlike any other! YUJ is a nutrient dense “feel good” snack that can be enjoyed by the entire family.
Enjoy YUJ straight from the bag, as a cereal, ice cream topping, or mix it in your favorite yogurt. The possibilities are endless!
YÜJ Enlightened Granola is proud to donate 10% of proceeds to children’s and environmental charities each month. Please visit YUJgranola.com/donations for a list of our favorite charitable organizations that we support!
From our family to yours,
Massiel and Fernando

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Gluten free, plant based, real ingredients you can feel good about feeding to your family. Our enlightened granola is packed with energy, without the guilt.

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